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  Settor21   Amish deserves to get the last word. ,    삭제
  Kelvin78   If you go back through the thread, you\'ll notice that I didn\'t jump in until it was well into full gear. ,    삭제
  GanjaBoy50   For example, some things I might deem important enough to spend extra on organic vegetables or natural fed meats, other things not. ,    삭제
  Alex38   Government Meddling With Money . ,    삭제
  Ganry29   Transpose the above to Africa today and wonder why a whole continent was never mentioned. ,    삭제
  Bob26   Black community in a town of 96% whites. ,    삭제
  Sad55   The psychology literature certainly has a lot to say about the topic, but economists have a rather simplistic view of the issue. ,    삭제
  Barbara68   Somehow you are not showing any sceptic attituge towards the bullshit you read from the blogs of the deniers. ,    삭제
  Boy88   The authenticity of the documents was challenged within hours on Internet forums and blogs, with questions initially focused on alleged anachronisms in the documents\' typography and content soon spreading to the mass media. ,    삭제
  Miss97   Iain can tell you more about that and how it impacts on the number of comments, because he tried it once and didn\'t like it for that very same reason. ,    삭제
  John55   He gave me a look which I deserved. ,    삭제
  Faggot45   Or can you train volunteers? ,    삭제
  Ganry48   These nations have rarely see the path to defending their own wealth as the one which drains money from their own economies and into those of others. ,    삭제
  His_wife63   Are these riots religious in nature? ,    삭제
  Crazy78   Some speculate that Sarah is going to reinvent herself for another run at the Whitehouse but this time as the head Honcho. ,    삭제
  Faggot17   Do let me know if you want me to trim it down. ,    삭제
  JXL94   It is the more familiar notion in this context. ,    삭제
  Daddy28   Diligent planning is the key to having a productive research trip. ,    삭제
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